Fluency Timed Reading

Assess reading fluency with two types of assessments. The first type of fluency assessment is a one-minute timed reading of a passage to measure the number and accuracy of words read. There are fluency passages at various levels of text complexity. The second type has a student perform a timed reading of a series of sentences and then answer true/false statements about the sentences to show comprehension. There are three of these assessments, each with more difficult sentences than the preceding one. View our Fluency Standards Table for additional information about recommended reading rates.

Fluency Assessment Passages

  • F
Level F
  • Kim's Flowers

    Fiction, Lexile 220L
  • Mountains

    Nonfiction, Lexile 280L
  • G
Level G
  • The Perfect Puppy

    Fiction, Lexile 290L
  • Bees

    Nonfiction, Lexile 340L
  • H
Level H
  • Larry's Big Feet

    Fiction, Lexile 320L
  • Rivers

    Nonfiction, Lexile 410L
  • I
Level I
  • Crunch

    Fiction, Lexile 330L
  • Farm Animals

    Nonfiction, Lexile 460L
  • J
Level J
  • Bye, Buddy

    Fiction, Lexile 310L
  • Kickball

    Nonfiction, Lexile 570L
  • K
Level K
  • The Clumsy Bees

    Fiction, Lexile 680L
  • Chipmunks

    Nonfiction, Lexile 500L
  • L
Level L
  • Jumping In

    Fiction, Lexile 530L
  • Pet Rats

    Nonfiction, Lexile 550L
  • M
Level M
  • The Great Candy Caper

    Fiction, Lexile 490L
  • The Sun

    Nonfiction, Lexile 590L
  • N
Level N
  • Malcolm the Salamander

    Fiction, Lexile 610L
  • Beetles and Bugs

    Nonfiction, Lexile 580L
  • O
Level O
  • The Old Jungle Gym

    Fiction, Lexile 650L
  • Steam Engines

    Nonfiction, Lexile 700L
  • P
Level P
  • The Haunted House

    Fiction, Lexile 570L
  • Skateboarding

    Nonfiction, Lexile 680L
  • Q
Level Q
  • The Switch

    Fiction, Lexile 890L
  • Silkworms

    Nonfiction, Lexile 620L
  • R
Level R
  • The Shopping Cart Mystery

    Fiction, Lexile 850L
  • The Titanic

    Nonfiction, Lexile 800L
  • S
Level S
  • Surfing

    Fiction, Lexile 890L
  • The First Airplane

    Nonfiction, Lexile 940L
  • T
Level T
  • Three-Point Shot

    Fiction, Lexile 780L
  • Crazy Horse

    Nonfiction, Lexile 920L
  • U
Level U
  • Popcorn and Cotton Candy

    Fiction, Lexile 930L
  • Polar Bears

    Nonfiction, Lexile 950L
  • V
Level V
  • Emma's Tree

    Fiction, Lexile 640L
  • Space Junk

    Nonfiction, Lexile 1060L
  • W
Level W
  • Letitia and the Best Bike

    Fiction, Lexile 620L
  • Vikings

    Nonfiction, Lexile 1020L
  • X
Level X
  • The Record-Breaker

    Fiction, Lexile 560L
  • Antarctica

    Nonfiction, Lexile 920L
  • Y
Level Y
  • The Statue

    Fiction, Lexile 870L
  • Masterpieces from Mirrors

    Nonfiction, Lexile 920L
  • Z
Level Z
  • Every Little Part

    Fiction, Lexile 860L
  • Exoplanets

    Nonfiction, Lexile 1000L

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