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Phonological Awareness Lessons

Teach students to notice, differentiate, think about, and manipulate sounds — from sounds of words to sounds of individual phonemes—during effective phonological awareness instruction. The Phonological Awareness Lessons are organized from the simplest skills to the most difficult. Each lesson might include picture cards, a game, or a workmat, and suggests a supplemental Read-Aloud Book for extra practice.

Identify and produce rhyme; discriminate sounds and words

Lesson 1

For book Happy Cat and the Hats

Lesson 2

For book Jelly and Jam

Lesson 3

For book Nuts in My Nest

Lesson 4

For book The Digging Dog

Lesson 5

For book A Super Special Soup

Identify and produce rhyme; discriminate initial sounds; blend syllables and onset and rime

Lesson 6

For book Bears and Beans

Lesson 7

For book Fox and Frog

Lesson 8

For book Pets Are Pests

Lesson 9

For book Grandpa's Goat

Lesson 10

For book The Race

Discriminate final sounds; blend phonemes; segment syllables and onset and rime

Lesson 11

For book Toby the Tiger

Lesson 12

For book The Walrus and the Whale

Lesson 13

For book Yuri's Yams

Lesson 14

For book The Ugly Umbrella

Discriminate medial sounds; blend and segment phonemes

Lesson 16

For book Crazy Cat

Lesson 18

For book Isabel's Invitation

Lesson 19

For book Cheese Power!

Lesson 20

For book Sharon's Shoes

Blend and segment phonemes; manipulate initial sounds

Lesson 21

For book Where Is Whiskers?

Lesson 22

For book Two Crazy Zebras

Lesson 23

For book We Need a Vacation!

Lesson 24

For book Iris Invites Trouble

Lesson 25

For book The Big Blue Cube

Blend and segment phonemes; manipulate final and medial sounds

Lesson 26

For book The Think-Fest Thief

Lesson 27

For book Chico Sees a Ghost

Lesson 28

For book April's Big Day

Lesson 29

For book Mr. Irwin's Field Trips

Lesson 30

For book Horrible Lori