Get to Know the Reading Room

The Kids A-Z Reading Room provides a digital library of resources for students to read for fun and practice. Its dynamic homepage makes it easy for students to quickly find relevant, high-interest content that excites them. Students can also “favorite” books and view popular texts at their reading level based on what other students favorite. Additional content is organized into categories and presented at each student’s level, meaning students see the resources most relevant to them first.

The Reading Room

Reading Room Diagram
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How to Customize the Reading Room for Your Students

Customize the Reading Room by selecting which reading levels and content categories students can view. By default, students have access to books three levels below and two levels above their assigned Learning A-Z reading level. Students also have access to English and Spanish books by default. To customize the Reading Room for your students, follow these steps:


Access your Classroom Roster by selecting Manage Students, and then select Roster.


Select the Raz-Plus or Raz-Kids tab.


Select the individual student, group of students, or the whole class.


Under the Reading Room column, select the Edit icon, and then select Customize.


Use the pop-up window to customize the Reading Room experience for your students.


Select Save & Close to save your settings.