ELL Frameworks and Contributors

The five, specially designed ELL products in Learning A-Z's ELL Edition address the Common Core State Standards' goal to provide ELLs of all language proficiency levels the opportunity to gain content-area knowledge.

Based on scientifically based instructional models such as the SIOP model (Echeverria, Short, and Vogt, Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol Model, 2003) and the Picture Word Inductive Model as well as recommendations from the National Literacy Panel’s 2006 report Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners and the concept of “language as action” (Walqui and Van Lier, Language and the Common Core Standards, 2012), these integrated resources build authentic learning experiences for K-8 ELLs.

Correlated to the WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessments) standards of language arts, math, science, social studies, and social and instructional language, these differentiated and scaffolded resources are based on “can do” principles and allow for student participation and achievement regardless of language level.

The authors of our Enhanced ELL resources are experienced educators in the field of language acquisition, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge that ensures the instructional frameworks included in our resources are based on best practices for teaching all English language learners.

ELL Advisors

Olga Ellis, Ph.D.

Max Klink

Alma Montemayor Sandigo

Kia Myrick McDaniel

Gloria Rodriguez

ELL Writers/Authors

Benaline O. Baluyot

Stephanie Delgado

Denise Heagle

Lucedes Rubi McBroom

Kessa Shipley

Kimberly Snyder

Laura Snyder

Mamie Spillane

Cyndy Thatcher-Fettig

Laura Tully Zwickl