Where to Start Each Series

Some serial books, or series books, serve readers best when read in order. Other series can be read in any order. Reading A-Z provides both types of series for a wide range of reading opportunities with familiar characters, predictable formats and structures, and exciting new adventures or information.

Read in Any Order

Readers can jump in and out of these series, finding familiar characters and self-contained plots in each story.

  • Maria
  • Morty Mouse
  • The Hoppers
  • Funny Phonics
  • Abby and Zots

Read From 1 to the End

Characters and stories in these series develop over the course of two or more books.

Start Here, but Then Read in Any Order

Each book serves as an introduction to the characters and structure of each story in the series. After the first book, stories can be read in any order.

Series Pairings

Look for similar book titles in each series and read the pairs together. Such as...

Read in Level Order

Start with "The Hollow" and read each book at Level Q before moving up. Books in later levels might refer to events in books at previous levels.