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Types of Books

Meet a variety of reading needs, including whole class, small group, and one-on-one instruction with Reading A-Z's vast collection of books. Leveled Books target specific comprehension skills and strategies, and other books target phonics, alphabet, high-frequency words, poetry, vocabulary, and more. Choose from thousands of titles for Pre K-6 to promote the love of reading. More About Books

Leveled Books

1821 total
29 levels ensure students read at increasing levels of text complexity.
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Serial Books

136 total
Favorite characters capture imaginations and provide scaffolds for reading.
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Decodable Books

68 total
Continuous text supports systematic and direct, explicit phonics lessons.
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High-Frequency Word Books

36 total
Increase fluency with repeated exposure to common sight words.
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Poetry Books & Nursery Rhymes

62 total
Listening skills strengthen with traditional and modern rhymes or poems.
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Alphabet Books

27 total
Build letter recognition with objects and words for each letter.
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Read-Aloud Books

37 total
Alliteration with a target sound builds phonemic awareness skills.
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Sound/Symbol Books

60 total
Simple pictures with labels introduce sound and symbol relationships.
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Shared Reading

87 total
Engaging projectables provide models and practice for early reading skills.
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Vocabulary Books

22 total
Text and clearly labeled photographs identify and reinforce everyday vocabulary.
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Graphic, Comic, & Humor Books

29 total
Visually engaging texts motivate reluctant readers and encourage critical thinking.
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