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Jig, Jag, and Jog

Jig, Jag, and Jog

Jig, Jag, and Jog

Jig, Jag, and Jog

Realistic (fiction), 109 words, Decodable

The letter j is not a reliable letter in terms of the sound it makes. The /j/ sound as represented in the words jump and jug is the most common pronunciation. J is most often in the initial position, sometimes found in the medial position, and seldom in the final position. The letter j sometimes makes a /h/ sound in Spanish words like Juan and junta. The /j/ sound is found in spellings other than the letter j. For example, dge at the end of a syllable in judge, edge, and dodge; g at the beginning of words like gem, giant, and gentle.

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