Back-to-School 2019

Take a look at some of the exciting updates Learning A-Z will be launching for back-to-school!

Access all the Raz-Kids books and quizzes from your mobile device! Learn more.

Vocabulary A-Z

Introducing the All-New Vocabulary A-Z

Access all the Raz-Kids books and quizzes from your mobile device! Learn more.

With an updated look and all-new online student portal, Vocabulary A-Z is your ideal solution for helping students build vocabulary and increase reading comprehension! You can now digitally assign differentiated word lists linked to a current topic of study, and students can practice online using game-based activities that make learning vocabulary fun!

Science A-Z

3 Ways to Enhance Your Science Instruction

Complete K–5 Storylines Curriculum

Science A-Z now delivers an entire year of ready-to-use instructional resources to help you address the Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS). With new Storylines added for back-to-school, you will have a full year's curriculum at your fingertips, providing a scope and sequence that addresses all 21 NGSS topics from grades K–5!

* Next Generation Science Standards is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards was involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Enhanced Assignments

You can now easily assign Science A-Z books and resources around specific science content and topics to your whole class, small groups, or individual students directly from resources. Save time and strengthen the connection between instruction and practice by digitally assigning targeted, level-appropriate practice to your students.

Unit Roadmaps

New Science A-Z Unit Roadmaps, now available with each science unit, provide three suggested sequences for incorporating unit resources into your instruction. Choose the sequence that best matches your instructional approach or model, and then strategically, but easily follow that learning pathway to save time and make a greater impact on student learning.

Raz-Plus    Reading A-Z

Additional Support to Help You Meet K-5 ELA Standards

Literacy Curriculum Map

The new Literacy Curriculum Map makes it easy to meet K–5 ELA standards using the wide array of resources in Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z. Organized into content-based units, including science, social studies, and social-emotional learning, the map provides a week-by-week guide for the entire school year at each grade level, detailing specific resources to use for instruction and differentiation.

Standards-Based Text Sets

Use new Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z Text Sets to build vocabulary knowledge and help your students become more proficient at reading complex texts. Each set includes purposefully sequenced texts around a central topic. The accompanying Lesson Guide provides text-dependent questions for each text in the set to facilitate classroom discussion and teaching to standards.

Enhanced Comprehension Skill Packs

The popular Raz-Plus Comprehension Skill Packs are getting updated for grades 3-5! With enhanced instructional materials and new independent practice opportunities that students can complete online (Interactivities), you can more effectively and efficiently help students develop the skills and strategies to build meaning from text.†

† Reading A-Z will offer two new printable Independent Practice Passages per pack.

ELL Edition

New Resources Designed for English Language Learners

ELL Content Picture Packs

ELL Content Picture Packs help English language learners build vocabulary within the content areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies, along with basic social and instructional language. Previously a printable and projectable resource, these packs now allow students in grades 1–5 to practice online using new Interactivities!

New ELL Grammar Resources

New ELL Grammar Resources provide grammar instruction and practice specifically designed to help English language learners in grades 1–5 build strong foundations in grammar form, meaning, and usage. Use the detailed lesson plans, instructional materials, and activities to help your ELLs master these often complex skills.


Headsprout Update

New Comprehension Episode Benchmarks

Use Headsprout Benchmark Assessments to measure students’ progress and reading skills as they advance through the program. Now delivered at the end of every 10 episodes throughout both the Early Reading and Reading Comprehension series, these assessments provide valuable data to inform instruction.

Raz-Plus    Science A-Z

Expanded Reporting

New Assigment Report

Teachers using Raz-Plus and Science A-Z now have a new report to help inform instruction. The Assignment Report allows teachers to quickly see how all students are performing on assignments from a single page, and drill down to view individual student data.

All product enhancements and images subject to change