• "Reading A-Z materials are a great addition to our reading program. I enjoy them because of the wonderful fiction and non-fiction selections, the work sheets, the benchmark books for each level, the comprehension quizzes, and the lesson plans for teachers. It is important that children have a reason to read, and the activities with these books are making the students realize that we do have to go back to the text for deeper understanding of what we have read. I have introduced my fellow teachers as well as my teaching assistant to Reading A-Z, and they are very enthusiastic about the program."

    — Kathy Lavers; First/Second/Third-Grade Teacher; Scotsburn Elementary School; Scotsburn, Nova Scotia

  • "I use Reading A-Z's leveled reading books daily, and the students love having their very own books. We can highlight words they are having difficulty with, and the children can take ownership in their books when they color the pages. The students can then bring the books home so that they have their own library with books they can read independently or to a parent."

    — Janice McNulty; Kindergarten Teacher; Brindlewood Elementary; Flower Mound, Texas

  • "I have used the Reading A-Z books and lesson plans since last fall. Most of my students came to school not knowing the alphabet, and this year's class began as the lowest academic group ever. Now with one quarter left, 76% of my students are close to, at, or past kindergarten benchmark for reading. The students love the books and love taking them home to read to their families, their pets, their pillows, the sidewalk, whatever."

    — Melissa Johnson; Clarendon Elementary School; Portland, Oregon

  • "I originally used Reading A-Z to support social studies and science programs in my grade 3 class. This year I implemented an entire reading program using books, worksheets, comprehension tests, fluency passages, and readerÕs theater. It has been so successful that all the grade 3 classes have adopted the program, and the grade 1 and 2 classes are using the books, benchmark books, and running records to increase reading fluency and word attack strategies."

    — Koteah Vacen; Third-Grade Teacher; Florence MacDougall Community School; High Level, Alberta

  • "I am very pleased with the amount of non-fiction reading material Reading A-Z provides on the lower levels. As a veteran teacher, I have spent many hours generating quality materials for low-level readers. Thanks to you, I no longer have to do this, and can devote more time to teaching."

    — Gwendolyn Kornegay; First-Grade Teacher; Petree Elementary; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  • "I was lucky enough to join Reading A-Z when you first started. I am thrilled my district bought memberships for all the teachers. My students and I appreciate the support and resources which enrich the experience and thrill of reading."

    — Maureen Halsall; First-Grade Teacher; Strathcona Elementary School; British Columbia, Canada

  • "Reading A-Z is wonderful, and my children benefit so much from all your books and materials. Your service is much appreciated."

    — Gloria Coleman; Milton Elementary School; Milton, Louisiana

  • "I am using Reading A-Z books in my classroom. You should see the children read and enjoy them. The children are working at their own levels from level aa to P. I love this program."

    — Kimberly Knelson; First-Grade Teacher; Sandhills School; Columbia, South Carolina

  • "I am thrilled with Reading A-Z. I have been using the books to help struggling readers during an after-school program. Without Reading A-Z's affordable resources, I would not be able to run a successful program and help the kids learn to read."

    — Tereca Korf; First-Grade Teacher; Schneider Elementary School; North Aurora, Illinois

  • "I love the variety, the diversity, and the organization of Reading A-Z. The resources you provide make my job much easier when I need something fast."

    — Susan Jones; First/Second-Grade Teacher; Dayton, Ohio

  • "Reading A-Z is totally helpful, useful, and fun. I do not know what I would do without all the resources Reading A-Z has to offer. It is truly indispensable."

    — Kathy Johnson; First-Grade Teacher; Forest Trails Elementary; Austin, Texas

  • "The Reading A-Z books and resources are terrific. I have used many of the non-fiction books to teach science and social studies objectives, along with the leveled reading books. These materials are so diverse that I don't have difficulty finding a book to match anything I am teaching."

    — Nancy Fox; Second-Grade Teacher; Southampton Elementary; Richmond, Virginia

  • "Every time I visit Reading A-Z, there is more to discover. I love how Reading A-Z is constantly updated with new material. Reading A-Z should be proud of the impact it is making on the education of our children."

    — Ann Clark

  • "I have used Reading A-Z and found it to be extremely successful. I spearheaded a campaign at my school to use the program and as a result, my principal bought a school license. I most heartedly recommend Reading A-Z."

    — William F. Rook; Claremont, California

  • "Thank you for keeping up with the latest research concerning how to teach children how to read. The worksheets produce so much thinking and comparing on the children's part that they even realize how much they are learning. My school has been overwhelmed with all the resources Reading A-Z has to offer."

    — Celeste Wells; Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  • "I just renewed our school license for the year. Reading A-Z is one of the most valuable resources we have. The entire school is thrilled with all the resources we get from Reading A-Z."

    — Barbara Vieau

  • "I am thrilled with your service. After teaching upper grades for 30 years, I find myself teaching second grade with little in the way of files. Your books have given me that gift!"

    — Cathy Allen; Second-Grade Teacher

  • "The books have been a wonderful addition to my classroom reading program. The benchmarks and assessments have helped me pinpoint the areas I need to work on with my students to improve their reading. Also, thank you so much for opening up the whole website to individual subscribers. I can't wait to try out all the new features I just gained by upgrading."

    — Amy Smith; Second-Grade Teacher

  • "I do leveled reading in my classroom, and this Reading A-Z is the best thing since sliced bread. I have plenty of books at each level to use in my classroom. I really love the aa level for my lowest readers. It gives them the confidence that they are readers while they are still learning letters and sounds. Thank you for creating such a teacher-friendly and wonderful website!"

    — Leslie Steele; First-Grade Teacher; Chicago Public Schools

  • "I love your books! The reading series we currently use infrequently puts decodables (with poor stories--one actually has the sentence. "A cab scats.") into the kids’ hands for the first six months. My cooperating teacher and I have used many of your books, and our kids are making super progress."

    — Monica Alderman; First-Grade Teacher; Truman Moon Primary Center; Middletown, New York

  • "I teach at a Title I school, many of my students do not have books at home they can read. We print out the Reading A-Z books and send them home. The parents are grateful for the books. We also use them for Christmas presents and end-of-the-year gifts."

    — Julie M. Foster; Speech/Language Pathologist; John Adams Elementary

  • "I think this is the greatest site on the web for teachers and kids! It is worth every penny."

    — Glenda Hendrickson; First-Grade Teacher

  • "Not only is this excellent material to use in the class with students, but also when the books go home children have stories they feel successful reading at home. It can be very difficult for parents to find material for readers who are reading at levels A through E, F, and G. I love your books. It makes such a difference for our readers."

    — Donna Gibbs; First-Grade Teacher

  • "I teach students, ages 9 to 13, who have learning problems. The variety and range of materials that you offer is ideal for the varying abilities of my students."

    — Lynne Thompson; Elementary Learning Support Teacher

  • "I will not be renewing my subscription to Reading A-Z because I have retiredafter teaching first grade for 37years. When I discoveredReading A-Z a couple of years ago I felt that I had stumbled upon a gold mine. I only wish I had found it earlier in my career.I enriched my literacy program because of the many books I was able to reproduce for my children.I used the books for leveled reading as well as for homework practice.Many of the books tied in well to the various science and social study themes that we did in first grade.The books were interesting and highly motivational for the children. I loved the way the books could be constructed with ease, and I became very proficient at this process. Thanks to Reading A-Z my children became more proficient readers."

    — ChrisDolan; Retired First-Grade Teacher; East Lansing Public Schools; East Lansing, Michigan

  • "I absolutely love all the stories that I use with my first graders. I use the decodables a lot. Reading A-Z has made a huge difference in my classroom this year."

    — Carol Terry; Academy Park Elementary; West Valley City; Utah

  • "I love your books. They are a great way to reinforce the phonics that I am teaching. The stories are cute and can be used for vocabulary and story development. The guided readers are helpful and match our themes. It is easy to use them to integrate across curriculum areas."

    — Cynthia Varamo; First-Grade Teacher; Saint Joseph Catholic Academy

  • "Your great inclusive lesson plans take the guesswork out of leveled reading, and my students are improving faster than I ever could have imagined."

    — Brenda Trott; First-Grade Teacher; David E. Norman Elementary School; Ely, Nevada

  • "I can't tell you how excited we all are about having this available for next year. We’ve signed up kindergarten through second grade and two primary special-education classes. The material is super!"

    — Kathie Guernsey; First-Grade Teacher

  • "I absolutely love your site and materials. I teach a fifth-grade literacy class and have students reading at various levels from kindergarten to fifth grade. Reading A-Z is a resource that provides me with access to books at all levels. This is like gold in the literacy-at-risk environment, since I can teach main comprehension strategies and skills while focusing on specific genres for students at any level."

    — Kristie Clements; Long Beach Unified School District; Long Beach, California

  • "These books are absolutely wonderful. I particularly like the quizzes at the end.I am so glad that you have a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to reach all levels of reading in my room, especially my higher-level readers. I can't wait until you have even more books.I have been a subscriber for several years, and the resources you have provided for my room are invaluable."

    — Mary Jo Sheets; Second-Grade Teacher; Lakeview School; Greenwood, South Carolina

  • "I would not be without access to this site. As head teacher of a small school, where I teach 3- to 11-year-olds, I have found it an invaluable resource."

    — Patricia Winrow; Downholland Haskayne CE Primary School; Lancashire, England

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for making double-sided printing available. We love it at our school. It saves so much paper. I am working on convincing the district to get a district license."

    — Shelly Nejat; First-Grade Teacher; Robertson Road Elementary; Modesto, California

  • "I use Reading A-Z for my leveled reading groups, whole class shared readings, and homework. It is so all-inclusive. I love the high-frequency books for use with my word wall work."

    — Traci Carbon-Mendoza; First-Grade Teacher

  • "I am very excited about all of the things that I have found on this Web site that I can use to help the children I work with. Thank you for putting the Web site together in such a user-friendly manner."

    — Martha Jo Snowden; Learning Lab; North Carolina

  • "We love the Reading A-Z Web site. We are getting so much use out of this program. Our children's reading scores improved dramatically throughout the year."

    — Candy Lawson; Second-Grade Teacher/Coordinator of Leveled Reading Library; Marionville, Missouri

  • "I have found so much educational value in this Web site. I share it with all my teaching colleagues. It meets the needs of students at all levels. The redesigned Web site is even more user friendly, and the addition of the Raz-Kids sample Talking Books is great. Your site has certainly been the answer to my teaching needs. The stories are interesting, and with lots of non-fiction, the struggling readers who are older don't feel insulted by the content of the books. The books also tie in nicely with subjects at the students' reading levels."

    — Cindy Wells, Teacher of "Diverse Learning Needs" Class, Ages 10 - 13 years; Grant C. Madill Memorial Elementary; Odgensburg, New York

  • "Your new design and additions to your Web site are moving us forward in our instruction with kids. Your high-interest topics, variety of genre, and well-written books are capturing the interests of the students easily. It's obvious you and your staff are pioneering new instructional models that will no doubt move us forward into new instructional designs in our own classroom. Please continue to develop new and innovative interfaces. You are making a positive difference."

    — Michael Lambert; Hong Kong International School; Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

  • "I had great results with my kindergarten children last year. I had so many children on so many levels. But, this was one program that met all their needs."

    — Susan May; Kindergarten Teacher; Harlan Elementary School; Florence, Alabama

  • "Thank you for the number of Spanish resources you have available. I teach a fifth-grade, bilingual inclusion room where I have four monolingual Spanish students, eight special-education students, and 10 other students of varying levels. And, I really appreciate this Web site."

    — Michelle Williams; Fifth-Grade Bilingual Teacher; Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • "Wow. I thought Reading A-Z was wonderful before. Thanks for giving us so many tools to work with in our literacy groups."

    — Debbie Denson; Reading Recovery and Literacy Teacher; Gilmer Elementary School; Gilmer, Texas

  • "I absolutely love Reading A-Z. I use it all the time, and it has really helped me to assess my students." Amy Paulson; First-Grade Teacher; Jonathan Elementary; Chaska, Minnesota

  • "I absolutely love all the books. My kindergarten class enjoys the letter books, the read-alouds, and the high-frequency books. I use them as take-home readers and in leveled reading groups."

    — Kelley Steinley; Kindergarten Teacher; Klein ISD; Klein, Texas

  • "I am impressed with your user-friendly site. You have made some incredible changes. I especially like the Raz-Kids sample Talking Books. I am very thankful that my district purchases this for our ESL students."

    — Jean Hoerr; Elementary ESL Teacher K-6; North Penn School District; Lansdale, Pennslyvania

  • "Thanks, for your incredible resource. I have convinced my principal, and have been trying to convince my superintendent (of the largest school division in our province), that your Web site is truly the greatest resource I have ever encountered."

    — Helen Coish; Third- and Fourth-Grade Teacher; Glenelm School, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • "What a great Web site. It has helped so many of my special education students. When a student loses or misplaces a book, I can just print out another one and replace it. I even have extras on hand. So much value for what you charge. I have often recommended this Web site to colleagues and parents. Thanks for your efficient service."

    — Karen Campione; Primary Special Education Teacher; Rhodes School; River Grove, Illinois

  • "This is absolutely fantastic. I just found the Raz-Kids sample Talking Books, and quizzes for the kids. I can't wait until Monday to show it to my class. They will love it."

    — Christine Jones; First-Grade Teacher; Blevins Elementary; Eureka, Missouri

  • "Your revised Web site looks fantastic."

    — Patricia Douglas; First Grade Teacher; Butterfield Elementary;Tucson, Arizona

  • "I am so impressed by the added books on your Web site. I noticed that you have even more books per level and have added nonfiction and fiction titles. I recommend this site to everyone with elementary school readers. Keep up the great work. This site is incredible. This is the most useful Web site I have found for teaching."

    — Julie Lucas, First-Grade Teacher; Howard County Public Schools; Maryland

  • "I am a preschool teacher and have subscribed to this wonderful Web site on my own. I use it often to make sure that my preschoolers are getting the best background I can give to those who are ready. The more we know, the better we can prepare our children for the wonderful world of reading. I just finished teaching my friend’s little boy how to print. He was so eager to learn how to print the alphabet, he was forming the letters any way he could. I am helping him form the letters correctly and learn the letter sounds. He is pretty happy and so proud! It is thanks to your wonderful Web site that I can retrieve what I consider excellent materials. How lucky I am to be able to go my computer and download these wonderful materials at my convenience and feel confident that I am doing the right thing for the children. Thank you for that!"

    — Jan Saunders, Teacher; Four-Year-Old Preschool Program; St. Brendan Preschool; Cumming, Georgia

  • "I’m hooked on your site, and I am excited that you are offering more materials."

    — Heather Bell-Williams; Resource and Methods Teacher/Vice-Principal; Milltown Elementary School; St. Stephen, NB Canada

  • "I used your leveled books last year and saw tremendous growth, even with severely at-risk students. I have recommended your site to countless teachers. I firmly believe in your philosophy regarding your high-frequency word books, and I feel that reading teachers would benefit from them with their students."

    — Cherry Carl; Reading Specialist and University Instructor at the University of California; San Diego

  • "This is an amazing site. I'm so satisfied with it. I've seen the alphabet worksheets. It is nice that there are four types of letters. It is hard for us in Japan to get these kinds of materials. Thank you for your assistance."

    — Harumi Chiba; English Teacher, Tokyo, Japan

  • "Allow me to congratulate you on your excellent publications. The books have proven to be an enormous success at our school. I have found them to be a fabulous resource."

    — P.L.Gannon; Learning Support Teacher

  • "I teach in the lowest income school in Dallas, Texas, with a 100 percent at-risk population of students. These kids need reading to escape their environmental challenges and to have a future. Most of my students arrive in my classroom with a pre-K knowledge of reading, despite being anywhere from 10 to 19 years old. You can only imagine how damaged their self esteem is. They really have taken a delight your products, and having a printable book that they can love, keep, and return to time and again is a real treasure. I have seen some amazing strides. Many other teachers in my school, my district and my other "teacher friends" are already hooked on your products because they are so helpful. If you ever sit and wonder if you're making a difference, think of us and know that you are."

    — Dr. Vickie Lewis; TAKS Program Coordinator; Rylie Academy.; Dallas, TX

  • "I have been using your books in my classroom for two years now, and my students’ reading scores are on the increase. I am excited to be able to send books home with my children, books they can keep to practice. So many of my kids don't have books at home, and you have given me the precious gift of books for them. God bless. Thank you for a very valuable tool to use with all the children in my care."

    — Sara Lundh, Kindergarten Teacher, Garrett Primary, Lufkin , TX

  • "I needed to write and tell you how much I love the resources that you've provided for teachers and parents. I use your books and assessments in my classroom daily. Your stories cross all aspects of the curriculum, expose young readers to different literary genres, and seriously capture the interest of all my third graders. In September, I assessed my students using your running record forms and benchmarks. My class was approximately 34.7 percent proficient in reading at that time. I assessed them again in January using the same criteria and found that we'd moved to 60.8 percent proficiency. The children and I couldn't be more thrilled!"

    — Ms. W. Woodworth; Chatfield Elementary School; Grand Junction, CO

  • "I am absolutely in love with Reading A-Z. I have readers in my third-grade class at levels ranging from 2.1 to 6.2, and I have been able to meet all of their needs. Our class has read almost 1,000 books this year. They are so proud of themselves. The gift of books of their own has really motivated them to read and understand. Many children report that they read the books at home with their parents."

    — Sheryl Sanford; Pittsford Area Schools; Pittsford, MI

  • "I teach in a third-grade classroom, but I have a lot of children with special needs. At the beginning of the year, many read at first- and second-grade levels or lower. I could not afford to purchase all those books to meet the reading levels of my students. In January, I discovered Reading A-Z at a workshop. My students love your books; they understand what they read and are eager to read. They feel successful. Thank you again for providing a wonderful variety of reading books, worksheets, and ideas."

    — Dianna Esh; Pioneer Elementary; Glendale, AZ

  • "My students love these books, and I have definitely enjoyed using them to teach reading. I have found the lower-level books just right for beginning readers. I use some of the higher-level books to read to my class. This class has learned so much from using these books. I love the fact that you continue to add stories. Thanks for a great site."

    — Sharon Alexie

  • "In any classroom, there are so many different interests and abilities. I have always struggled to find materials that were relevant, interesting, and appropriately leveled. Thanks to you, I am now able to find materials that help all my students feel like successful readers."

    — Beverley Holoboff; Third-Grade Teacher; Grand Centre Elementary School; Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

  • "I want to thank you for the successes your books have brought to my students. They love to work toward the next level. And because the level is clearly labeled at the top of each book, they feel immediate success when their level has changed. The books are very interesting and lots of fun!"

    — Melanie Knoll; Second-Grade Teacher; Franklin Elementary School; Marshalltown, IA

  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed the books and worksheets. I am working with one child in particular who is thoroughly enjoying each story. And it is working for him where our other basal reading program has not."

    — Janet Cheney; Teacher - Grade 1; Wessagusset Primary School; Weymouth, MA

  • "I think that yours is by far the best educational site I have seen!"

    — Jeanne West; Second Grade Language Arts Teacher; B.F.Williams Elem. School; Virginia Beach, VA

  • "I love the site and am in the process of downloading leveled reading books. My kids love them. I make a dozen copies and laminate them. The school doesn't have enough money for lots of these books, so your site enables me to supply my students with books that they can successfully read and enjoy. The lesson plans are wonderful, the worksheets fun to do. Thanks again for making this site available. It's well worth the money."

    — Jody E. Sherman; Teacher – Kindergarten; Riverland Elementary School; Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • "Your illustrators/artists are fabulous, and the authors are wonderful. Each story is so enriching both as a story and as a collection of visual aids. I teach first grade, and this year I also teach a daily 30-minute lesson to levels 2 and 3 language learners. They love the visual pictures and cute stories. The new high frequency set is super!"

    — Kathleen Constantineau; Teacher of Almost 20 Years

  • "I love the Reading A-Z Web site! I also love what you have available for school license users."

    — Alexandra Caso-Gustafson; Kindergarten Teacher; College of Franklin Delano Roosevelt; American School of Lima; Lima, Peru

  • "I personally really appreciate the leveled books, finding both content and quality of a high standard. We are a small private school in Italy where the principal teaching language is English, and it is difficult to find suitable reading and teaching materials for our needs. Your books cover nearly all our requirements! Thank you."

    — Sarah Motte-Harrison; Teacher; European School of Trieste; Trieste, Italy

  • "Awesome nursery rhymes! I hope you keep adding new rhymes each month. They're wonderful for developing phonemic awareness."

    — Tom Stahly; First-Grade Teacher; Decker Elementary School; Clark County School District; Las Vegas, NV

  • "I am so enthused about your Web site. There are so many things that make it an excellent resource for teachers: a. basic manuscript font b. large print c. repetition of basic sight words d. entertaining story content e. good spacing between words f. word count indicated for each story g. RR level correlation h. numbered pages Thanks so much and kudos to your staff for the great resource."

    — Mary St. John; Reading Resource Teacher; Greene County Primary School; Standardsville, VA

  • "The children in my class range widely in reading ability, from reading Harry Potter down to Level aa readers and everything in between. All the children like your books. By reading at their own levels, they are achieving success."

    — Helmi Leyden; St Joseph's School; Northam, Western Australia

  • "I have been a teacher for several years in the upper grades, but I was recently hired to teach first grade. Your site has been a lifesaver. The students love the stories and want to continue reading them throughout the day. Thank you so much for the great site."

    — Suzie Williams; John Reed Elementary; Rohnert Park, CA

  • "I am very pleased with all you have to offer. The children are especially delighted to have their own books, as we are working in very poor communities."

    — Naomi Inouye; Literacy Enhancement Program; Kamehameha Schools; Honolulu, HI

  • "I really like the new nursery rhyme books. My kindergarten class will love learning to read them. Keep up the good work."

    — Lauren Mertz; Title 1 Teacher; Lincoln Elementary School; St. Charles, MO

  • "This is the most wonderful resource. I am thrilled that my students will be able to benefit."

    — Juliet Blake Shagoury; Title 1 Reading Teacher; Helen Thompson School; West Gardiner, ME

  • "I have been using your programme in my grade 2 classroom for the past year. I have told all the other teachers at school, and these books have filled a large gap in our reading programme. They fit beautifully with our phonics-based reading and word building."

    — Joy Ribbans; Century Montessori School; Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

  • "Reading A-Z is the answer to my prayers. I teach first grade, and I have 29 students. I am currently working with nine guided-reading groups. My school book room is understocked, and I have trouble finding books that meet all the different levels I have. Thanks for providing such great materials."

    — Shelley Simonsen; Portland, OR

  • "I have spread the good word about you to our school and have shown them the wonderful books I use with my kindergarten class. Consequently, the Title 1 folks have paid for a school/group license. Your leveled books, lesson plans, and worksheets are superb. It has changed the way I teach and will now help children in our entire school. I look forward to using your books for the remainder of my teaching career."

    — Suzanne C. Martin, M.Ed.; Sterling Elementary School; Sterling, AK

  • "I can't tell you how much I love your site! I can now download books for all the different levels in my kindergarten class. I have shown your site to other teachers wherever I go. I have also given your site to all the parents in my classroom. The quality of the books, the worksheets, and the lesson plans is outstanding."

    — Dana Getsinger; Hugger Elementary School; Rochester Community Schools; Rochester Hills, MI

  • "I use your materials with my students daily, and I work diligently to convince my administrators that we need a school/group license. Because I firmly believe in the rights of those in business, I will not share my copies or my downloads with colleagues. Thanks again for wonderful resources that have helped me move my students ahead by giving them books to take home each night for additional reading."

    — Trudy Honeycutt; Kindergarten Teacher; Svante Palm Elementary School; Austin, TX

  • "I am a first-grade teacher at a charter school, and this the best investment I have ever made."

    — Jean Gill; Austin, TX

  • "I have been teaching kindergarten and first grade for nine years. Your Web site has made my life so much easier. Before, I borrowed books, made my own books, and used my own money to buy expensive leveled reading sets. Now I could teach reading by using your Web site only. The books and lesson plans are just phenomenal. I appreciate it, and my students will benefit for the rest of their lives. They love having their own books to take home. I'll never stop subscribing to this site. I've told all my friends, and they are interested too."

    — Stacey Turner; Lakeview Elementary School; Memphis, TN

  • "What an inexpensive way to get great books with built-in assessment tools. And the benchmark books give a quick, easy way to assess individual reading levels for students."

    — Marylou Bridgewater; recently retired teacher

  • "I teach a transition class between kindergarten and first grade, and your books and all that goes with them provide great materials. We are using the decodable book "Nap in a Pan" with our first spelling unit, which has short /a/ words. It's perfect. And the kids are excited to have their own books to take home and read to Mom and Dad. I feel like this will be one of the richest years yet in my teaching career."

    — Carol T. Shipley; Christian Academy of Knoxville (TN)

  • "I am doing my best to spread the word about how wonderful your program is to use in the classroom. It is very easy and quick to use. The children love being able to keep their books. Many of the children at my school do not have books at home, so this has been a great help to get reading into the homes."

    — Amy Williams; second grade; Westlawn Elementary School; Falls Church, VA

  • "I love this Web site and definitely will tell my colleagues about it. We use the leveled books. The writing is an excellent model for kids. Thanks for creating this site, leveling the books, and updating it with new books. Kids share by reading orally, use highlighters to develop their vocabulary, and circle phrases they can use in their personal writing."

    — Michael Lambert; Hong Kong International School

  • "I am constantly thrilled whenever I take a look at your site and find useful, beautifully drawn pages for my pupils. Your work can never be fully appreciated unless someone, like me, has been brought up with no English books, no dictionary, and no cassettes. Now everything is different. When I see how much you care and how enormous an effort you make to serve children, parents, and teachers, words fail me. I have been using your resources for quite some time, and I feel bold to say there is no comparable site. I believe the people from the so-called former Eastern Block highly appreciate your endeavor."

    — Wieslawa Ferlacka; Poland

  • "I just want you to know how much I enjoy your site. I like how it is organized and how well the lesson plans are set up. I am really impressed!"

    — Lisa Graeme; first-grade teacher; Colonel Johnston Elementary School; Ft. Huachuca, AZ

  • "My school is looking into getting a site license using money we will be receiving through a district Literacy Grant. Everyone to whom I have shown my resources has been very impressed by your materials. Our local district is going to require us to use the DRA assessment within the next few years, and it was nice to see how you leveled your books to accommodate that as well."

    — Gail Altman Miller; Greenwood Elementary School; Louisville, KY

  • "I was searching the Internet for some reading material for my second-grade class when I stumbled onto your Web site. I could not believe what was there. I had attended an early literacy workshop and was anxious to begin a Four Block reading program in my classroom. I thought I would first look on the Internet because at the workshop there were two other Web sites mentioned, but neither one of them compare to your site. I called the primary division teachers to a meeting to share the Web site, and they were excited. My principal was supportive, and when he mentioned the Web site during the principals' meeting, they also expressed interest. So your Web site is being passed on big-time. There is a great deal of work put into this site, and I thank you very much."

    — Ann Harkness; Murray Centennial school; Trenton, Ontario, Canada

  • "I stumbled onto this site one day and truly found a treasure. I was a first-grade teacher using leveled reading for instruction. I am staying home now with my baby, but I have started tutoring. Your Web site is incredible! I have recommended it to many people, and I know that one of my friends has signed up her school. I would never be able to provide my tutoring students with so much without this Web site."

    — Julie Lucas

  • "I am very pleased to hear that you are going to be adding stories about Native Americans. I work in a Canadian inner-city school with a majority of aboriginal students, and we are constantly looking for easy books in this area. As our First Nation population continues to increase, the need and the demand will only get larger."

    — Brenda Weisbrot; Albert Community School; Regina, Saskatchewan

  • "I discovered your site last year, subscribed, and began using the leveled books with my third-grade class. What an incredible resource! I am using the books to give the children practice in re-reading a text to promote fluency. They can hardly wait to get their new book each week. It has been a teacher's dream to have access to books on all of my kids' independent reading levels so that they can achieve success in gaining the fluency."

    — Deena Funk; Meridian, ID

  • "Thank you for continuing to add to the early levels. These are books that we go through quickly, and also levels that first-graders stay at for several weeks or more."

    — Amy E. Mamerow; St. Matthew's Lutheran School

  • "Several of us at Latham Ridge Elementary have requested that our principal subscribe. He has approved the request. I am looking forward to using your full service."

    — Mrs. Peggy Ann Pemburn; second grade; Latham, N.Y.

  • "Coming upon your reading program has been a godsend. My school has just begun a guided-reading program in grade 1, and these books are just what I needed to be up and running with this program."

    — Carole Marchese; G.A.M.S.; Newburgh, NY

  • "I just love your site! I am a Title I reading teacher and a kindergarten teacher. What a great resource to have! And it sure cuts down on cost."

    — Tracy Salas; Tukwila Elementary School; Tukwila, WA

  • "Thank you for doing a great job, and please keep it up. There are so many books for children to read. The books and other resources--flashcards, high-utility word cards, etc.--have helped all my students learn to read. I don't know where I would be without your Web site."

    — Kamla Panjabi; International School in Jakarta; Indonesia

  • "We have a reading anthology that is fine as far as it goes. But I was desperate for some phonics-based reading materials at a variety of levels of difficulty."

    — Karllott (Earlene) Hatton Kerr; first grade; Thomas Jefferson Elementary School; Winslow, AZ

  • "We have thoroughly enjoyed every one of your books. My students cannot get enough of them."

    — Terry Porter; third through fifth grade, Elsa Meyer School; Corunna, MI

  • "Your worksheets are just wonderful. I work with little kids, and I wanted to make learning more fun for them--that's how they learn best. Thanks to you, now I can! I'll sure give your address to any interested teacher."

    — Olga Anam, Israel

  • "I love the books that you have online. I am a Title 1 teacher and have children reading from kindergarten level to grade 3. Your books have helped tremendously with leveled reading."

    — Diana Guldenstein; Stevenson Accelerated School; Decatur, IL

  • "I love your Web page and have found it very useful. Please continue to add leveled books to your site. It is great to print them then let the students take them home for reading practice. Many of my students don't have access to books in their homes. The children love getting these that they can keep and read over and over."

    — Linda K. Bowers; Title I Lead Teacher, Pearl Sample Elementary School, Culpeper; VA

  • "My five-year-old daughter loves your program. She takes great pride in her ability to read an entire book. You have great writers and illustrators. I will be extending my subscription as soon as I can."

    — Rivka Berman; Pre1A Teacher; Torah Tots Academy; Staten Island, NY

  • "I use your books for my own children to supplement what they get at school. I find your phonics books especially helpful for my first grader, and my third grader really likes your leveled books."

    — Mary Fendrick; Substitute Teacher; Montgomery County, MD