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Spanish Resources

Reading A-Z's Spanish resources support the growth of native and non-native Spanish speakers' reading and language skills in bilingual or dual language programs.

  • Our Spanish language High-Frequency-Word and Alphabet books help beginning readers and speakers expand their vocabulary as they develop knowledge of Spanish phonetics and spelling conventions.
  • Our authentic Spanish books, or Español auténtico, provide cultural enrichment and improve students' Spanish comprehension skills and fluency as they read the language in its original context.
  • The original Spanish Benchmark Passages provide resources to assess students' reading behavior and comprehension in Spanish.
  • With our Spanish Translated Leveled Books, students develop vocabulary and grammar knowledge as they explore a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction titles available at 29 levels of instruction.

Translated Leveled Books

1000 total
29 levels ensure students read at increasing levels of text complexity while building listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish.

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Spanish Benchmark Passages/Pasajes estándar

58 total
Determine students' instructional reading levels in Spanish.

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Serial Books

87 total
Favorite characters capture imaginations and provide scaffolds for reading.

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High-Frequency Word Books

36 total
Increase fluency and build vocabulary with repeated exposure to common words.

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High-Frequency Words Assessments

11 total
Evaluate a student's ability to recognize and read Spanish high-frequency words, including sight words.

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Most Common Words Flashcards

9 total
Have students practice reading the most commonly used Spanish words.

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Alphabet Books

28 total
Build letter recognition and basic Spanish vocabulary with objects and words for each letter.

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RAZ Math Books

108 total
Combine math and literacy instruction with these books at grades K, 1, and 2.

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