World Languages

Practice Reading, Listening, and Speaking skills with Raz-Plus ebooks

Raz-Kids provides a selection of eBooks and eQuizzes in English and Spanish! Raz-Plus members get hundreds more!
  • Students listen to natural, fluent models of reading.
  • Recording options help students practice their own fluency.
  • Comprehension Quick Check Quizzes help you monitor reading progress.
  • Students also have access to eBooks in Polish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

For bilingual, dual language, or immersion programs, Reading AZ offers a wealth of resources. Choose from a variety of materials to support students learning in Spanish, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, American English, and British English. Our Spanish and French resources include books originally written in the target language. Spanish Leveled Books are listed with their Spanish reading level. French, Polish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese translated leveled books are listed at the same levels as their American English counterparts. British-English versions feature spellings and other language conventions more appropriate for British-English-speaking readers.