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Standards and Correlations

New Books 16 new books added in April 2017

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Product Updates & Info

Student Book Review Forms

The Student Book Review Forms encourage students to think critically about books and share opinions with others. Students can even share their reviews with the Reading A-Z team!

New Levels Z1 and Z2

Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids now have Leveled Books at levels Z1 and Z2. Books and resources at these levels are written for students in fifth grade who are reading beyond a fifth grade level.

Comprehension Quiz Answer Keys

The Level Answer Sheets for the Leveled Book Comprehension Quizzes are no longer available. Each Comprehension Quiz now has an individual answer key as the final page of the printable quiz.

Content Area Reading

The Content Area Reading collections save valuable time by combining content area and literacy instruction. Categories contain instructionally focused groups of books at a range of levels to help students learn to read and read to learn.

Genre Collections

The books in the Genre Collections are handpicked by our editors to provide students with examples of various genres at a range of text complexity levels. By reading a variety of texts, students are able to identify the characteristics of different genres.