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Nan and Pap

Nan and Pap

Nan and Pap

Nan and Pap

Fantasy (fiction), 22 words, Decodable

Most often, the /n/ sound in the initial, final, and medial positions is made by the consonant n as in net, nap, can, fan, and ant. The use of the consonant n is very consistent for the /n/ sound, although there is an exception--the pn, gn, and kn letter combinations in words like pneumonia, gnat, and know. Sometimes the consonant n is silent, such as when it is the second n in words like Ann and dinner, or when it follows the letter m, as in the word hymn.

Please note that the decodable book Nan and Pap should be used after lesson 3 when students have all the necessary tools to read it.

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