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High-Frequency Word Packs

Each of the high-frequency lesson packs provide all the materials needed for approximately 30 minutes of instruction on the top 69 high-frequency words. Each pack contains a lesson page for the tutor, a high-frequency word flashcard template, a worksheet, a high-frequency word book, and a game.

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Lesson 1

it, is, a
For book What Is It?

Lesson 2

I can, see, the
For book I Can See

Lesson 3

to, to, we
For book We Go

Lesson 4

at, look
For book We Look

Lesson 5

am, are, in
For book We Are

Lesson 6

for, they
For book They Look

Lesson 7

For book They Are On

Lesson 8

you, all, of
For book Can You See?

Lessons 9

and, like
For book I Like

Lesson 10

this, will
For book Go In

Lesson 11

he, said, no, she
For book He Said No

Lesson 12

big, that, not
For book This Is Big

Lesson 13

his, her, come
For book Will It Come?

Lesson 14

me, him
For book Look At Me

Lesson 15

up, down
For book We Go Up

Lesson 16

was, with, my
For book I Was With

Lesson 17

do, play, yes
For book Do You Play?

Lesson 18

some, have, one, two
For book Some Have

Lesson 19

what, out, there, your
For book What Is Out There?

Lesson 20

be, but
For book She Will Be

Lesson 21

get, from, find, them
For book Each Will Get

Lesson 22

these, those, more
For book These or Those?

Lesson 23

how, when, than, many
For book How Many Do You See?

Lesson 24

too, little, so
For book Too Little, Too Big