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Game Packs

Reinforce essential literacy skills through the use of games. Each game can supplement any tutoring lesson and create extra motivation during a tutoring session.

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Grades K-1

Alphabet Letter Match

Antonym Go Fish

Beginning Letter/Sound Match

Rhyming Go Fish

Punctuation Power

Short Vowel Sort

Sight Word Bingo

Word Family Sort

Grades 2-3

Clusters Go Fish

Compound Word Concentration

Contraction Go Fish

Crazy Sight Words

Homophone Concentration

Punctuation Power

Synonym Concentration

Vowel Pattern Bingo

Grades 4-5

Cause and Effect Concentration

Homograph Match-a-Thon

Idioms Concentration

Metaphor and Simile

Part of Speech Sort

Plural Power

Prefix Go Fish

Voracious Vowels