Forms, Tips, & Tools for Tutors

Well-trained tutors are critical to a successful tutoring program. Recruit, train, supervise, and recognize your tutors and mentors with tips, forms, and handouts from Reading A-Z.

Most importantly, tutors should have a basic understanding of the reading process and be good readers. They also need coaching in the use of the Tutoring & Mentoring Pack resources, appropriate interactions with students, the importance of being on time, and various logistical issues. Remember--time spent preparing tutors for their experience is key to getting the most out of your tutoring program.

Recruitment Tips

Visit public servants such as police officers and firefighters who are already accustomed to serving the public; a positive public image pays large dividends for public servants.
Send out fliers or letters to organizations, businesses, retirement centers, etc.
Ask the local newspaper to run an article on your tutoring program, mentioning the need for volunteers. Secure interviews on local radio or television stations.
Send out press releases to local media.
Make announcements in middle and high schools during morning announcement time, and place posters in hallways.
Hold information sessions or set up a recruiting table in the school cafeteria or hallway.
Post fliers around local colleges.
Run ads/notices in college newspapers.
Run a feature article on a specific tutor in local and college newspapers, being sure to mention the need for more volunteers.
Hire or appoint a community liaison to visit organizations and businesses in the community; the personal touch can work where other methods have failed.
Meet with local businesses and encourage them to provide release time to employees; businesses derive great benefits from having a community of readers for their future work force.
Advertise in local newspapers.
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Tutor Recognition Tips

Solicit local businesses to provide coupons--such as for pizza, car washes, or ice cream--to give to tutors.
Send thank-you notes/cards regularly.
Greet tutors by name.
Send birthday cards.
Provide a treat jar in the tutoring area.
Invite tutors to staff meetings.
Hold special recognition events.
Provide certificates of appreciation.
Take and post pictures of the tutor working with a child.
Run a "Tutor of the Week" feature in the local newspaper.
Make tutor appreciation buttons.
Have the child write a special message to her or his tutor.
Take time to talk with tutors each day.
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Tutor Certificate of Appreciation
Tips for Teaching
Information Forms
  • Tutor-Mentor Information

    For gathering information on each tutor
  • Student Information

    For gathering information on each student being tutored
Report Forms
Tracking Forms
Scheduling Forms
Pack Labels