Tutoring & Mentoring Packs

Tutoring & Mentoring Packs provide volunteer tutors with developmentally appropriate resources that address a child's specific learning needs.

Convenient, well-organized, and educationally sound packs supply teachers, parents, tutors, and tutor coordinators with effective reading strategies and an extensive collection of printable, research-based materials in six instructional categories: alphabet, phonological awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, fluency, and comprehension. Simply download, print, and assemble the resources to create ready-to-use tutor packs.

Each category addresses skills and strategies that reading experts have defined as keys to developing successful readers.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Since the 2003-2004 school year, Reading A-Z resources have been the instructional component for Project MORE, a reading-mentoring program used in nearly 300 schools throughout Ohio. For the past decade, data related to Project MORE's effectiveness has been collected, analyzed, and reported by Bowling Green State University. The following conclusions have been reported on Project MORE and the associated Reading A-Z resources.

With almost over a decade of data collection, results indicate that Project MORE has been found to be:


Project MORE is one of the few reading programs in the country that has evaluated whether their program works exclusively for students with disabilities and Title 1 students. For almost a decade, the evaluation results indicate the Project MORE students make significantly more reading gains than similar students that do not receive this intensive one-on-one reading-mentoring intervention. These results have been found across grade levels (2-4), disability status, and Title 1 status.


Through cost analysis, it has been found that Project MORE costs less than $1.00 per volunteer mentoring hour.


Beginning with just 15 schools in 1999, Project MORE is now in over 290 schools across Ohio.


Due to the low cost of the project and the consistent results for students with disabilities and students at-risk for reading failure, schools are able to sustain their projects with funding.

The Center for Evaluation Services, Bowling Green State University, Updated 11/2013

For more information on Project MORE, go to: www.ohioprojectmore.org.

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