Handpicked by our editors, these focused collections allow you to save time by combining content area curriculum in math with literacy instruction.

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Crows Share a Pie Level N Fiction
Let's Share Grade 1 Nonfiction
What Is a Half? Grade 1 Fiction
Circles Grade K Nonfiction
City Shapes Level C Nonfiction
How Many Squares? Grade 2 Nonfiction
Let's Make Shapes! Level J Nonfiction
Li's Tangram Animals Level O Fiction
Making Shapes Grade 1 Nonfiction
Rectangles Grade K Nonfiction
The Shape Game Grade 1 Nonfiction
Shapes in Nature Level A Nonfiction
Shapes in Tide Pools Level E Nonfiction
The Ship of Shapes Level J Fiction
Solids All Around Grade 2 Nonfiction
Squares Grade K Nonfiction
Triangles Grade K Nonfiction
Which One Is It? Grade K Nonfiction
How We Measure Level L Fiction
The Measurement Mysteries Grade 1 Nonfiction
Measuring Is Believing Grade 2 Nonfiction
Measuring Tails Grade 2 Nonfiction
Pi Day Level R Nonfiction
Pick a Pie Level D Fiction
Sky High! Level D Fiction
Which One Is More? Grade 2 Nonfiction
All About Coins Grade 1 Nonfiction
Book 10: The Fizzy Wizard Level T Fiction
Book 2: Who Likes Lemonade? Level Q Fiction
Book 5: No Fair, Tooth Fairy Level S Fiction
Book 7: No Sense of Style Level S Fiction
Book 9: An Interest in Interest Level T Fiction
Coins Count Grade 2 Nonfiction
Dollars and Cents Level D Nonfiction
How Do We Use Money? Grade 2 Nonfiction
I Save Money Level A Nonfiction
Introducing the Penny Level N Nonfiction
Spending Dimes One at a Time Grade 1 Nonfiction
What's Your Money Worth? Grade 2 Nonfiction
Bears, Ten by Ten Grade 1 Fiction
Change the Order Grade 1 Nonfiction
Greater Than Level D Nonfiction
Half Is Fair Grade 2 Fiction
Hooray! Arrays! Grade 2 Fiction
How Much Is a Trillion? Level M Nonfiction
Less Than Level D Nonfiction
One Level aa Nonfiction
Two Level aa Nonfiction
Three Level aa Nonfiction
Four Level aa Nonfiction