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Leveled Books

Learn More About the Learning A-Z Text Leveling System Ensure success in your classroom and beyond with engaging, developmentally appropriate leveled books at 29 reading levels. Graduated levels of difficulty build students' confidence while increasing comprehension and fluency. Key to any leveled reading program, leveled books support instruction in comprehension, vocabulary, close reading of text, and more.

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  • D
Level D
The Wheel The Wheel Level D Fiction Benchmark D
Who Runs Faster? Who Runs Faster? Level D Nonfiction Benchmark D
All About Foxes All About Foxes Level D Nonfiction
Amazing Places to Work Amazing Places to Work Level D Nonfiction
Animal Costumes Animal Costumes Level D Nonfiction
Animal Horns Animal Horns Level D Nonfiction
Animal Tongues Animal Tongues Level D Nonfiction
At the Library At the Library Level D Nonfiction
Backyard Camping Backyard Camping Level D Nonfiction
Bats Day and Night Bats Day and Night Level D Nonfiction
Because You Recycle Because You Recycle Level D Nonfiction
Bees Feed Me Bees Feed Me Level D Nonfiction
Best Friends Q and U Best Friends Q and U Level D Fiction
Bubbles Bubbles Level D Nonfiction New 
Buddy the Bear Buddy the Bear Level D Fiction
The Busy Pond The Busy Pond Level D Nonfiction
Caretakers Caretakers Level D Nonfiction
Clouds Clouds Level D Nonfiction
Community Helpers Community Helpers Level D Nonfiction
Country Places Country Places Level D Nonfiction
A Day for Dad A Day for Dad Level D Fiction
Dollars and Cents Dollars and Cents Level D Nonfiction
Fog Fog Level D Nonfiction
Frog Is Hungry Frog Is Hungry Level D Fiction
Future Flowers Future Flowers Level D Fiction
Getting Around the City Getting Around the City Level D Fiction
Give Them Back! Give Them Back! Level D Fiction
Greater Than Greater Than Level D Nonfiction
Grow, Vegetables, Grow! Grow, Vegetables, Grow! Level D Nonfiction
Hobbies Hobbies Level D Nonfiction
I Count 100 Things I Count 100 Things Level D Nonfiction
I Like My Hair I Like My Hair Level D Nonfiction
I Need An Eraser I Need An Eraser Level D Fiction
Imagine the Beach Imagine the Beach Level D Nonfiction New 
Insect Wings Insect Wings Level D Nonfiction
Katie and Katie Katie and Katie Level D Fiction
Less Than Less Than Level D Nonfiction
Lily the Cat Lily the Cat Level D Fiction
Little Loon Little Loon Level D Fiction
Maria's Halloween Maria's Halloween Level D Fiction
The Mitten The Mitten Level D Fiction
Mud Balls! Mud Balls! Level D Nonfiction
My First Class Play My First Class Play Level D Fiction
My Neighborhood My Neighborhood Level D Fiction
My New City My New City Level D Fiction New 
My New School My New School Level D Fiction
No, Lily, Don't! No, Lily, Don't! Level D Fiction
Nothing Scares Me! Nothing Scares Me! Level D Fiction
Our Good Night Story Our Good Night Story Level D Fiction
Polly Gets Out Polly Gets Out Level D Fiction