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Learn More About the Learning A-Z Text Leveling System Ensure success in your classroom and beyond with engaging, developmentally appropriate leveled books at 27 reading levels. Graduated levels of difficulty build students' confidence while increasing comprehension and fluency. Key to any leveled reading program, leveled books support instruction in comprehension, vocabulary, close reading of text, and more. More About Leveled Books
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The Sandwich The Sandwich Level B Fiction Benchmark B This Turtle This Turtle Level B Nonfiction Benchmark B Animal Coverings Animal Coverings Level B Nonfiction Animal Ears Animal Ears Level B Nonfiction Animal Sounds Animal Sounds Level B Nonfiction Animals Can Move Animals Can Move Level B Nonfiction Applesauce Applesauce Level B Nonfiction Bananas Sometimes Bananas Sometimes Level B Nonfiction The Big Game The Big Game Level B Fiction Carlos and His Teacher Carlos and His Teacher Level B Fiction A Cold Day A Cold Day Level B Fiction Games We Play Games We Play Level B Fiction Go Animals Go Go Animals Go Level B Fiction Gracie's Nose Gracie's Nose Level B Fiction How Many Legs? How Many Legs? Level B Nonfiction The Hungry Goat The Hungry Goat Level B Fiction I Love Art Class I Love Art Class Level B Fiction I Love the Earth I Love the Earth Level B Nonfiction I Pick Up I Pick Up Level B Fiction I Read a Book I Read a Book Level B Fiction It Is School Time It Is School Time Level B Nonfiction It Is Spring It Is Spring Level B Nonfiction Light and Heavy Light and Heavy Level B Nonfiction Maria and Her Teacher Maria and Her Teacher Level B Fiction Near and Far Away Near and Far Away Level B Nonfiction The New Forest Path The New Forest Path Level B Fiction On the Farm On the Farm Level B Fiction Our Show Our Show Level B Fiction Paint It Purple Paint It Purple Level B Fiction The Picnic The Picnic Level B Fiction Playful Puppy Playful Puppy Level B Fiction Pond Life Pond Life Level B Nonfiction Rain in the City Rain in the City Level B Nonfiction Taking Care of Chase Taking Care of Chase Level B Nonfiction Taking the Bus Taking the Bus Level B Nonfiction Ten Ten Level B Nonfiction Three Baby Birds Three Baby Birds Level B Fiction Too Many Leaves Too Many Leaves Level B Fiction Two Little Dicky Birds Two Little Dicky Birds Level B Fiction We Make Cookies We Make Cookies Level B Fiction We Pack a Picnic We Pack a Picnic Level B Nonfiction What Has These Feet? What Has These Feet? Level B Nonfiction What Has These Spots? What Has These Spots? Level B Nonfiction What Has These Stripes? What Has These Stripes? Level B Nonfiction What Has This Tail? What Has This Tail? Level B Nonfiction Where Is Water? Where Is Water? Level B Nonfiction Where? Where? Level B Fiction Winter Fun Winter Fun Level B Nonfiction You and I You and I Level B Fiction You Can Go You Can Go Level B Fiction