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Leveled Books

Ensure success in your classroom and beyond with engaging, developmentally appropriate leveled books at 29 reading levels. Graduated levels of difficulty build students' confidence while increasing comprehension and fluency. Key to any leveled reading program, leveled books support instruction in comprehension, vocabulary, close reading of text, and more.

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Level H
Abigail Adams Abigail Adams Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
American Football American Football Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
Animals, Animals Animals, Animals Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
Anna and the Dancing Goose Anna and the Dancing Goose Level H Fiction
At a Touch Tank At a Touch Tank Level H Nonfiction
Blackbeard the Pirate Blackbeard the Pirate Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
Blue Whales: Giant Mammals Blue Whales: Giant Mammals Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
Brainstorm Bear Brainstorm Bear Level H Fiction Multilevel
Brother Messy, Brother Neat Brother Messy, Brother Neat Level H Fiction
Butterfly Café Butterfly Café Level H Fiction
The Butterfly Life Cycle The Butterfly Life Cycle Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
Carlos's First Thanksgiving Carlos's First Thanksgiving Level H Fiction
Cinderella Cinderella Level H Fiction Multilevel
City Falcons City Falcons Level H Fiction
Club Monster Club Monster Level H Fiction
Condors: Giant Birds Condors: Giant Birds Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
Cool as a Cuke Cool as a Cuke Level H Fiction
The Day I Needed Help The Day I Needed Help Level H Fiction
A Desert Counting Book A Desert Counting Book Level H Fiction
Dr. King's Memorial Dr. King's Memorial Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
The Drum The Drum Level H Fiction Multilevel
Earth's Water Earth's Water Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
Elephants: Giant Mammals Elephants: Giant Mammals Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
The Empty Pot The Empty Pot Level H Fiction Multilevel
The Five Brothers The Five Brothers Level H Fiction Multilevel
Flies Flies Level H Nonfiction
Friends Around the World Friends Around the World Level H Fiction Multilevel
The Goat and the Singing Wolf The Goat and the Singing Wolf Level H Fiction
Goats Are Great! Goats Are Great! Level H Nonfiction
The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
Grasshopper's Gross Lunch Grasshopper's Gross Lunch Level H Fiction
Grounded to Earth Grounded to Earth Level H Fiction Multilevel
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
How the Mice Beat the Men How the Mice Beat the Men Level H Fiction
How to Make a Drum How to Make a Drum Level H Nonfiction
I'd Like To Be I'd Like To Be Level H Fiction Multilevel
I Collect That! I Collect That! Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
I Live in the City I Live in the City Level H Nonfiction
Leap Year Birthday Leap Year Birthday Level H Fiction Multilevel
Legs, Wings, Fins, and Flippers Legs, Wings, Fins, and Flippers Level H Nonfiction
Maria's Thanksgiving Maria's Thanksgiving Level H Fiction
Math Test Mix-Up Math Test Mix-Up Level H Fiction
The Mighty Mississippi The Mighty Mississippi Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
A Monster Fish Tale A Monster Fish Tale Level H Fiction
Monsters on Wheels Monsters on Wheels Level H Fiction
Moose on the Move Moose on the Move Level H Fiction
My Bones My Bones Level H Nonfiction
Nami's Gifts Nami's Gifts Level H Fiction
Nature Stinks! Nature Stinks! Level H Nonfiction Multilevel
Our Five Senses Our Five Senses Level H Nonfiction