Benchmark Passages & Running Records

Find students' instructional levels by assessing their reading skills with developmentally appropriate texts while recording reading behavior. Benchmark Passages are short text selections that are one part of a three-part process to help place students at their instructional levels for leveled reading sessions and to assess their readiness to progress to the next level.

Digital Running Records on Raz-Plus

With our Online Running Record tool, Raz-Plus or Raz-Kids members can:
  • Assign and listen to recordings of Benchmark Passages and Books.
  • Score recordings using an online running record tool.

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Showing 4 of 116 Passages

Inspiration at the Ballpark

Austin surprisingly discovers the topic for his Great Depression presentation at the ballpark. Fiction, Lexile 1010L

Seeing Eye

Camilla spots a treasure on the family's vacation to learn about Haida culture. Fiction, Lexile 1050L

Microfinance: It All Adds Up

The Internet makes it easy for people who need money to find people to loan or give money to finance small projects. Nonfiction, Lexile 1060L

The Unreadable Writing

The mystery of the Rongorongo tablets is just one of many mysteries that remains unsolved from Easter Island. Nonfiction, Lexile 1130L