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Digital Running Records on Raz-Plus

With our Online Running Record tool, Raz-Plus or Raz-Kids members can:
  • Assign and listen to recordings of Benchmark Passages and Books.
  • Score recordings using an online running record tool.


Find students' instructional levels by assessing their reading skills with developmentally appropriate texts while recording reading behavior. Benchmark Passages are short text selections that are one part of a three-part process to help place students at their instructional levels for leveled reading sessions and to assess their readiness to progress to the next level.

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Level H

Brain Works

Nonfiction A brain does many things.

Hide and Seek Games

Nonfiction There are different versions of the game of hide and seek.

Dinner with the Animals

Fiction If we asked animal friends to dinner, it would be just like a family dinner.

Hide and Seek with Tank

Fiction A child plays hide and seek with his pet bird Tank.